Google Takout Now Allows Export of Blogger and Google+ Pages

Google Takeout, the service that allows Google users to export and download their data from various Google products on to their computer, has just added support for two new products. Starting today, you will be able to download your Blogger blogs and Google+ Pages in a variety of formats. Google Takeout was launched in mid-2011 and initially allowed users to export their data from 5 Google products. The service has since expanded to cover a number of Google products and services including YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, Google Contacts, Drive, Google+ Streams, Circles and +1’s and more.


Data from your Blogger blogs are offered as Atom XML files, while Google+ Pages are split out into two different formats – html files with posts to your page and json files with the circles that your page is a part of. You can download all your Blogger blogs at once or do it one at a time.

It should be noted that Blogger already allows users to export their blog through the Blogger dashboard. Blogger’s addition to Takeout is simply a consolidation of the data exporting abilities offered by Google.

via Data Liberation Blog and TheNextWeb

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