SynWrite: Powerful Text Editor and UltraEdit Alternative

SynWrite is powerful programmer’s editor for Windows which comes packed with a wide range of features that lets you write code as well as handle your coding projects efficiently. SynWrite has many features common to the popular commercial text editor UltraEdit, and even shares its looks, making this open source software an excellent free alternative to the $60 program.

SynWrite supports syntax highlighting for lots of languages. Open any code in SynWrite and you’ll see syntax highlighting – colors that help you understand the code structure at a glance. You can even collapse parts of the code to concentrate on the relevant part. Collapsing codes also makes the code shorter and hence faster to scroll.


On the left-pane, a tree structure view of the code is automatically created that helps you to locate the code you need. SynWrite also has a mini-map panel that shows you a birds eye view of the entire document along side the main editing window, with the visible area highlighted on the thumbnail. MiniMap gives the user a quick idea of which part of the document the coder is looking at, and is very handy for extremely lengthy codes.

SynWrite supports standard text editing features such as autocomplete, spell-check, indenting, find and replace, and various text manipulation and code cleaning tools such as remove blank lines, remove duplicate lines, toggle comments on/off, change case and more.

In addition to standard editing features, SynWrite supports code bookmarks and markers, line operations, quick commenting, macro recording, auto-closing of tags/brackets, clipboard history, and many other useful functions.

SynWrite also comes with a built-in FTP/SFTP client to upload and download your files right to the web server.

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