Windows Applications Coming to Android via Wine

Wine emulator, the popular open-source application that is used to run Windows applications on Unix-like systems such as Linux and OS-X is being ported to Google’s Android platform. Soon you will be able to run Windows apps on your Android smartphones or tablets.

According to a report from Phoronix, Alexandre Julliard, the original developer behind the Wine project, delivered a keynote yesterday at the FOSDEM open source conference in Brussels, where he demoed Wine running on Android. The report said that the performance was horrendously slow but noted, it was because Wine was running on an “emulated Android environment” rather than on an actual device.


“A Windows application running on Android. While Wine is coming to ARM and there’s quite a lot of interest there, CodeWeavers is quite interested and hopeful for the success of Intel x86 Atom CPUs for tablets. If Android gains traction on x86-based tablets and other mobile devices, CodeWeavers has a lot of commercial opportunities for pushing the running of Windows software on Android.”

The port is still in development and definitely not ready for public use.

via Ars Technica

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