Bing Desktop Updated With Facebook Integration And More Customization

Microsoft has rolled out a new version of Bing Desktop that aims to improve the user experience by allowing more customization options, and at the same time, get more users to download and install this software by integrating a way to view Facebook news feeds.

When Microsoft launched the Bing Desktop application back in 2012, it was a simple tool to get background images visible on to use them as desktop wallpaper, along with a desktop search box. Later updates brought a part of the Bing homepage to the program – the ability to view trending stories and pictures and videos.

The latest version of Bing Desktop allows users to connect to their Facebook account and read newsfeed and view friends’ photos from within the application without launching the browser. You can checkout your friends’ statuses, page posts, and comments.


Bing Desktop users also have three new customization options:

  • The first option allows you to minimize to Windows Taskbar as a toolbar.
  • bing-taskbar

  • The second option allows you to set a keyboard shortcut so you can launch the search box with a few simple keystrokes.
  • The third option lets you minimize the search bar to your systems tray.

Microsoft has also added some handy personalization features that allow you to choose which recent homepage image you would like displayed as your desktop wallpaper, control of your search history, the choice of whether Bing Desktop loads when Windows starts and more.

Bing Desktop is available in nine countries that include U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, France, Germany, India, China and Japan.

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