Synei Service Manager Optimizes Windows Services

A Windows computer has more than a hundred services running in the background. They perform various user functions including some core ones such as manage software installation and removal, crawl neighboring computers on the network and locate shared resources, track links to files on NTFS volumes, resolve and cache domain names, handle disk encryption and hundreds of others.

But not all of them are essential services. For example, your computer may not be connected to a local network, which is typical for all home PCs, so you don’t need the “Computer Browser” service (the one that locates shared resources on other PCs). You may have a third-party firewall installed, so you could turn off the Windows firewall, which could interfere with the functioning of the firewall program. There are dozens of others that could be safely turned off. Synei Service Manager helps you do that.

Upon launching the program, you’ll see a list of services that are currently installed, their status (running or stopped) and startup setting (automatic, manual or disabled). To see a short description of the service, select the service and click on the Describe button.


At the top of the program window you will find three options – Default settings, Safe optimization and Maximum optimization. “Default settings” will return your computer’s running services to the original status, like it is on a freshly installed copy of Windows. Be warned, if you already made some tweaks you are going to lose them. On the other hand, if you messed up the services and Windows is misbehaving, this is a good way to reset and start from the beginning.


The “Safe optimization” option will disable or enable services that the program believes are necessary to optimize the system in a safe way. Again, be warned, for it can make changes that can break certain things on your computer. Thankfully, the changes aren’t applied as soon as you hit the “Optimize” button. The program will first list what changes it’s going to make. You can then review the changes and if you are unsure of any service, you can leave that one alone.

“Maximum optimization” is more aggressive, and will attempt to turn off more services. There is still one more level of optimization – the “Extra optimization” option, which can be accessed from the Extra menu at the top.

The program can be useful, but you need to pay close attention to what it’s recommending. If you have an in-depth knowledge about Windows and all the services, you don’t need any Synei Service Manager. For others, it is advised to use this program with caution.

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  1. Petyo123 Reply

    Is this program work with Win8 ?

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Yes it works on Windows 8.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Why not just download the full Synei System Utilities at It has this built in plus many more.

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