4 Tools to Convert WebM Videos to Other Formats

Shortly after Google introduced the open source WebM video format, they started transcoding all videos uploaded to YouTube to WebM, in addition to making them available in MP4, FLV and other formats that use the h.264 codec. Some videos are exclusively WebM, so when you download those videos from YouTube, you get a WebM file. Being a new video format, WebM support is not very good among media players. Many video editors too do not support this format. If you want the video clips to be accessible on all applications and devices, the only solution is to convert WebM videos to a format that is supported by your device or application.

Unfortunately, support for the WebM format among video converter applications themselves is rare. If your favorite video converter fails to recognize WebM files, try these following converter tools.

Free WebM Video Converter from DVDVideoSoft is a basic video conversion utility that supports, among several different file formats, WebM files as input. The tools lets you convert WebM video files to different video formats such as AVI, MP4, 3GP and others. You can also convert any video format back to WebM and also extract audio MP3 from WebM.


Miro Video Converter: The advantage of Miro Video Converter is the availability of various presets for a large number of popular devices such as phones, tablets and music players. Add the WebM files you want to convert and then choose a conversion profile. Miro Video Converter can only convert videos to MP4, WebM and Ogg Theroa.


Pazera WebM to AVI Converter converts WebM videos to either AVI or MPG. The application allows you to choose a codec and set many parameters used by the encoder, such as audio and video bitrate, fps, sampling frequency, resolution and other. Pazera WebM to AVI Converter also supports original stream copy and 2-pass encoding.


XMedia Recode is the only full fledged video converter utility that supports WebM, and can output to a variety of video formats. XMedia Recode is one of the most powerful video converter tool that allows you to change almost every aspect of the encoder. If you do not understand things like B-Frame, Motion estimation, and Quantizer, you may feel utterly at lost. Fortunately, there are many built in profiles that you can choose depending on your target device and leave the rest to XMedia Recode.


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