Howard: Email Notifier

Email notifiers are usually small programs that runs in the background, polling a remote mail server for new emails, and as soon as one is found, it alerted the recipient through a notification either visual or aural. We have seen numerous Gmail notifiers before but have rarely come across an or notifier. Lack of demand or lack of interest could have been a cause. The thing is, almost everyone who actively use an (previously and email address also use either Microsoft Outlook email program or Windows Live Messenger.

Both Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Messenger have an email notifier built in, so a standalone notifeir was not needed. After Windows Live Messenger was discontinued early this year, the need for an email notifier program was felt.

Howard is a simple desktop program for Windows and Mac that notifies you about a new email with a tooltip and/or sound alert. The tooltip shows you the sender and email subject. Just click the tooltip or icon to open your inbox in your browser or Windows Mail.


The few options that the program includes are:

  • Change email check interval from as short as 30 seconds to a maximum of 120 minutes.
  • Change tooltip display duration.
  • Change tooltip icon.
  • Set default email program
  • Change audio alert
  • Specify folders you want the program to check for new messages.
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  1. Anonymous Reply

    This feature of the notification (orange color with tooltip) is avaible on windows seven, unfortunately no on vista

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