Get Linux: Download More than 100 Linux Distros Straight to the Desktop

Looking to try out a new flavor of Linux? has information and daily news about tons of Linux distributions, and is a good place to start the hunt. You can also use Google to look up on distros built for special purposes and with specific functionality. Another great resource for information about Linux distros is Get Linux.

Get Linux is both a website and a desktop tool that allows access to more than 120 Linux distributions from a single, simple interface. Distributions are arranged alphabetically on the left, and details about the selected distro appear on the right. This includes a brief description of the distribution, a screenshot of the desktop, version number, the graphical environment that accompanies it and the place of origin. A click on the screenshot takes you to the developer’s website.


But Get Linux is more than just a repository of information – you can also download these distributions in both 32 and 64 bits. Simply select the preferred version and the portable application will tell you the download size. Click the Download button and the application will start downloading the ISO file straight from the developer’s website. The location where the download is saved can be configured from the program’s settings dialog box.

Get Linux is a great tool for discovering new and cool Linux distributions. But the irony is – the software is available only on Windows. The program’s author explains:

“Get Linux started out as a piece of software for windows users looking to get away from windows. It display’s over 100+ Linux distros with a desktop screen shot and a little about the os selected and provides download links. Since then we have been working on making a web based version providing the same content as the piece of software does. So here it is and the best part is you don’t have to be on windows to view a website.”

Get Linux is a self updating tool, but I found the website to be more updated. There are several distros on Get Linux website that are missing from the desktop application.

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