How to Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube Without Having to Login

YouTube doesn’t really have adult videos on the network, but there are some content that are age-restricted either because they deal with sensitive subjects, have sexually suggestive content or have graphic imagery. Then of course, there are many educational videos and documentaries on YouTube that could be categorized as borderline pornography.

When a video has been marked as age-restricted, YouTube requires users to sign-in to their Google account before the video can be watched. The sign-in serves as a mean to verify the age of the user and also protects users from accidentally stumbling across these videos.


But there are ways to get past the YouTube 18+ content filter without having to log in. Here is how you can do it.

Method 1: Videos on YouTube have the URL such as

Change it to

This bypasses the age verification and lets you watch the video straightaway.

Method 2: You don’t mind being redirected to a different website to watch an age-restricted video, simply add NSFW before in the URL. For example, becomes

Adding "boo" in place of NSFW also works. For example,

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