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Many of you must be familiar with Giveaway of the Day and its sister site Game Giveaway of the Day, that gives away licensed software and games, respectively, that you would have to otherwise buy, for free. Each software offered on the site is free only on a specific date, and protection software included with the download will only activate the free license if the software is installed on the correct date. Launched in 2006, Giveaway of the Day became hugely popular and until a few months ago, it was the only such website on the web.

Last November, software publisher Glarysoft came up with their own Giveaway website. Glarysoft Giveaway, just like the original Giveaway of the Day, gives away one licensed software for free every day. The software comes from different publishers and developers and over the last few months of the site’s existence, have included a variety of software including system tools, shell replacements, video and photo editing tools, file converters, media players, disc rippers, and others.


Users can see the software description, original price, time left and the download button. The page also displays past giveaways that have expired, as well as forthcoming giveaways.

The giveaway remains active for a duration of 24 hours during which the user has to complete the download, installation and activation. The downloaded setup file is protected by a wrapper that performs a check to see whether the giveaway is valid by connecting to the website’s server. The installation proceeds only when the validation is successful and for that, an active internet connection is required.


Giveaway of the Day (GOTD) has similar protection in place that prevents users from installing a software outside of the giveaway period. In the past, several attempts were made to break the protection with few successes. Sometimes the crack would work for a few weeks and then the developers of GOTD would release an update to fix the loophole.

At the time of this writing, no cracks for Glarysoft Giveaway’s protection scheme exist.

Glarysoft Giveaway also has an optional desktop notification program that alerts you about new giveaways. Alternatively, you can sign up for their newsletters to keep yourself informed, or simply check the website yourself everyday.

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