You Can Now Remotely Lock and Change Password of Android Devices

Early last month, Google announced the Android Device Manager that helped users track and locate any Android device associated with your account, a functionality that was previously provided by third-party applications. The built-in device tracker included three options – location tracking, factory reset and secure wipe, and alarm, all of which can be executed remotely from the web interface.

Google has now started rolling a new update to Android Device Manager that includes a less drastic option – the ability to lock your device or remotely change your phone unlock password. The welcome change will allow you to lock lost or misplaced devices, while you figure out how to recover the phone, rather than completely wipe it to keep your data out others’ hands.


If your phone gets lost or stolen, and your have precious information on it, then you can lock your device remotely. If you believe your phone’s lock screen password has been compromised, then you can remotely change the password. Factory reset is left as the last option.

Google is slowly rolling out the feature via its Google Play Services. You can check whether you have it by opening Google Settings app on your device and checking within Android Device Manager.

via Techhive

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