Zhopped – Free Crowdsourced Image Editing Service

Despite the large number of so called “easy to use” photo editing software at our disposal, using them still requires skills that most of us lack. This is where Zhopped comes in.

Zhopped is an online community of image editing wizards that takes photo editing requests from the public, whether that be a simple crop or complicated photo manipulation, and delivers them at no cost. All the work is performed by the community members and artists having decent image editing skill, who use their own tools and time to get the job done. The service is completely voluntary and is driven by sheer passion of the work.


Users who lack the knowledge of how to make modifications to their photos can upload their requests along with a description of their wishes. These may include color corrections, lighting adjustments, face beautification, photo restorations, red eye removal, blemish removals, removing objects from the photo, color changes, face swaps and other enhancements. Other users, whether they are professionals or hobbyists, can exploit their creative skills and satisfy their requests.

The website is very open and unlike any freelancing sites that exist today. Users simply post a photo and write an open request for changes to the photo. Other members steps in offering what they can do and post the edited image in the comments field. The user who requested the job can either accept the edits or issue new instruction, or offer criticism.

While free image editing will always be made available on the site, Zhopped hopes to become a marketplace for more demanding and advanced image editing jobs and get economically compensated. Some images and photos demand more time and advanced skill sets, such as severely damaged family photos or company logo creations from scratch. Zhopped’s marketplace is catered towards editors and consumers so community members can provide or purchase a service. The goal is to prevent editors from being short handed with the often ridiculed and speculative work experienced on other websites. Editors will be able to make bids and once selected, work one on one with customers for a straightforward and tailored experience.

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