PDF Eraser: Edit, Remove or Add Text and Images to PDF Files

Most PDF editing tools are commercial, but PDF Eraser is not. While not exactly a software to edit PDF files in the traditional sense, the freeware program PDF Eraser does contain tools that allow you to remove objects and text from a PDF document, and add your own. Additionally, PDF Eraser allows you to rotate and delete pages from a PDF document.

A true PDF editor makes text in a PDF document editable where you can delete text using backspace, make corrections and type new characters. PDF Eraser, on the other hand, treats the entire document as an image. Users are provided a set of erasers using which they can paint over areas on the document they wish to hide or remove. The erasers can be used as paintbrushes to draw objects, redact text and make all sorts of markings. The size of the eraser can be controlled precisely by entering a value for line thickness. The eraser color is also customizable.


To edit text, you need to carefully paint over the text area using an eraser color that matches the document background color, and then add new text to the document taking care to select a text color, font and size that matches those in the original document. Images can be added, resized and dragged to relocate. If you made an error, you can undo the changes. PDF Eraser keeps the entire list of edits as history so you can selectively remove some older edits while retaining new ones.

Sometimes, you may find that some PDF pages are unnecessary on a PDF documents. If so, you can also delete the unnecessary PDF pages by using PDF Eraser.

PDF Eraser is a free tool and works on Windows XP and newer.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    as far as I can say this Software does not erase anything. it just paints a White rectangle about "erased" items ….

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