The 5 Best Tools to Customize Your Social Media Experience

Social media is all around us, and the emergence of the Internet has revolutionized social media into the prominent digital format we witness today. Here are some social media apps that will sharpen your relations with the web:



Business owners, this just might be your most handy social media tool. This program features a unique optimization algorithm that funnels out three major points in social media: relevant messaging, right audience, and right time. The three are quite self-explanatory and the end result is getting your messages across at the optimal time. This is a powerful tool, but you have to cough up $99/month for this service.



This program keeps your social media platter neat and tidy by shortening links to be posted on accounts. However, it is not a one-dimensional feature. With it you can explore real-time analytics, track clicks, and bookmark your favorite websites. It might not be as compact as the standard app, but it should get you through, Bit by Bit. Best of all, it’s free.

Sprout Social

Manage, monitor, post, and dissect numerous social media accounts without rising from your seat. Access what you want in its schedule posts, reply to messages on Facebook and Twitter, and toggle its unique Feedly integration. A streaming inbox allows for open passage to Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles. Social Sprout also has built-in analytics to visualize those crucial metrics. You can sign up for one of the three packages that cost $39, $59, and $99. Costly, but this program emphasizes the social in Social Media Tool.clip_image006


Tweepi is a simple management tool that allows you to stomp out un-followers and filter away inactivity, while following trendy Tweets. This is a cold but effective way of maintaining order and giving your Twitter account its occasional breath of fresh air. You can subscribe monthly or annually, and they come in two packages: Silver ($7.49/month) and Platinum ($14.99/month).clip_image008



With HootSuite, you can track conversations, manage social media, and measure campaign results with this famed program. Here, you can instill your campaign slogan into the hearts of countless people on a wide panel of social networks – all from one digital dashboard. It also has a built-in analytics mechanism for those who need to crunch stats, and can schedule across many platforms. HootSuite has Free, Pro, and Enterprise packages for single persons, small groups, and large organizations.

As you can see, there are plenty of tools that can be utilized in the social media world. Whether you’re a business owner, or just someone casually using Twitter, try out one of these five apps to help your online social experience run smoothly.

This article was contributed by Li Huang

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