Leading Timekeeping Apps For Small Business

In any business, the old saying “time is money” stands true. A business pays for every minute of time an employee, associate, or client invest in it. With all businesses, there are wasted minutes and wasted hours that cannot be recovered. The following apps will help business owners, and managers account for the minutes that are utilized and identify those that are wasted. These apps work on a variety of platforms.


Clockspot is a top choice for timekeeping apps. The software is super easy to use and cuts payroll time in half. Keep up with real-time of employees and mobile teams via the internet. No “good-buddy” covering as you can track from GPS or mobile device. This software keeps everyone accountable and allows you to identify any unnoticed problems that are costing your company money. Clockspot has live customer support available to help you when you need them. The CSR teams are highly trained and skilled to walk you through any situation. Sign-up is free.


Time Master

Time Master allows you to sort by a client, for a quick look at your projects. It is available on iTunes and it cost $10.00. It is a basic and easy program which will help you track your expenses and import files. Time Master has a good basic search function to allow you to search through your data.



In one word, Harvest is easy. It is easy enough that anyone can use it. They offer a very limited free version. But the tier pricing starts at only $12.00. Track expenses, easily. Payroll is done quickly and effectively. Invoice from the program and use with other apps you already use. Harvest is a good, basic, program, which will work for most small businesses.



Toggl is a quality app for timekeeping. This is for Android, iOS, and desktops. It features top-tier tools that are comparable with big names like Quickbooks. Toggl comes with many built-in programs to make it easier to use, like a day-planner. The tiered pricing starts at only $5.00 per month.



Timesheet is a very basic and simple Android app that allows you to track time and projects and basic project expenses. Timesheet allows the user to make notes and keep a running tasks project. This is a good program for the business that needs simple, easy, and uncomplicated tracking.

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When it comes to time-tracking, you cannot afford to miss anything. Everything costs you money. Little things add up to major expenses over time and losing sight of those little things is a costly mistake. Time tracking allows you to better service for your clients and better pay your honest workers. It is the slacker that takes profits away from your business and your staff. Timekeeping, holds everyone accountable.

Your timekeeping app works for you. It ensures that all work is billed and none is “forgotten”. It ensures that you are in control of where your revenue is spent. It is easy for an employee to be generous with your money if no one is watching. Time-tracking is manageable from one source and that makes it easy and cost effective.

This post was contributed by Wendy Dessler

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