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Tips and Tricks to Gain Advantages Via Instagram Business Account

Thanks to new era, it is crucial to win a name and fame. Undoubtfully, managing Instagram business account is one of the musts to be on the game.

Beyond any doubt, connection does matter, regardless of the sector or industry. So, businesses need smart ways to connect and engage with their audience to survive and thrive. In this respect, knowing how to use Instagram for the business can be a game changer due to its potential sphere of influence.

According to stats, there are more than 200 million Instagram business accounts that people visit every day. This basically shows that businessmen have the potential to reach an enormous amount of people, while taking their investments to the next level. Dependently, more and more brands, creators and personal users choose Instagram to make marks and increase their online presence.

When looked at from this angle, Instagram can be seen as one of the most powerful marketing tools. On the otherhand, because Instagram is beyond a photo-sharing social network, businesses are expected to be aware of its role on marketing, as well as, sales and customer services. Therefore, they should focus on managing their Instagram business accounts smartly and successfully. After all, remarkable success stories cannot be easy as it seems, especially considering distracting value propositions and compelling advertisements.

How To Develop and Deploy Winning Strategies

Basically, in pursuit of creating a business account on Instagram or switching a personal account to a business one, businesses should win the hearts and minds of customers and new followers to gain and sustain a competitive edge.

In this respect, following A-Z List can pave the way for the future success:

  • Audience and persona are defined and relevant market search is well done
  • Brief intro, contact addresses and business hours are shown in the Instagram business account; industry and category are added to the profile to become searchable on Instagram and search engines
  • Compelling and relevant contents and remarkable captions sharing and emphasizing stories behind the brand and products are used
  • Direct messages are organized effectively and questions are answered timely
  • Expectations, analytics and sectoral dynamics (i.e. when the audience is on Instagram, which posts are more popular, how to ensure engagements..), as well as, impressions and tactics are tracked and reviewed through free or paid tools, i.e. Instagram Insights, Pixlee, Crowdfire, Squarelovin, HubSpot Social Inbox, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, HypeAuditor, Semrush etc.
  • Forecasts and ad campaigns are shaped with the support of relevant analytics tools
  • Goals and differences of Instagram posts and Instagram stories are well known
  • Hastags are well-chosen and relevant dynamics, including numbers are checked
  • Instagram business account has been linked to the Facebook business page
  • Jargons are selected wisely and used carefully
  • Key expressions and highlights are used in the organic content
  • Links are displayed and products are tagged in a post; so, user can order the product on the website, also clickable link stickers are added in Instagram and clickable addresses that opens to Google Maps enabling clients find the corporate easily are available
  • Marketing goals are set clearly towards building brand awareness, promoting products and services, increasing sales, sharing corporate updates, ensuring and encoraging brand loyalty
  • Next steps and strong CTA (=Call To Action) convincing people to act and telling them what to do and how to do are shown, i.e. making a purchase, signing up a newsletter, leaving a comment through Instagram business account
  • Offers and promotional codes are used directly in the shoppable posts to facilitate to act
  • Posts and stories are shared on a regular basis and stay true to the brand
  • Qualifications and tagging ability of partners and connections with influencers are approved
  • Right balance is found in terms of right emoji while using Instagram business accounts
  • Size and shapes of profile picture and other images are optimized
  • Trending topics and seasonal holidays etc. are monitored and reacted timely 
  • Useful customer testimonials are mentioned in case of need to support the brand image, besides, promote stories and messages
  • Visuals and texts are well balanced to shine out among competitors and new players
  • Well-designed visuals and signature style are consistent with the brand identity
  • XP – Cross platforms and cross-app messaging are taken into account
  • Yearly and monthly based reviews are made and relevant action plans are conducted
  • Zenith shareholders and references are known in regard to posting educational content or promoting customer stories and sharing recommendations in the audience’ Instagram feed
Good to Know Facts about New Reality and Dynamics
  • When it comes to designing a desirable future, then being aware of the potential plays a significant role. In this respect, businesses should be aware of the forecasts while managing their Instagram business accounts and campaings.  For instance, trends towards global Instagram users show that figures are projected to reach nearly 1.2 billion users in 2023.
  • According to the survey conducted in 2021, 78% of responding social media marketers promoted their business via Instagram. These facts draw attention to the importance of Instagram business accounts, as well.
  • With reference to another survey towards the influencer posts on Instagram, while 3.7 million brand sponsored influencer posts on the social platform in 2018, the volume  was 6.1 million in 2020.
  • Additionally, engaging the community and building meaningful relationships are one of the musts. Dependently, expanding brand experiences can be game changers to win name and fame to be ahead of the game. Yet, as per a survey, titled ‘Emerging Trends Research’, 74% say it is a fun way to interact with brands and AR (=Augmented Reality) can bridge the gaps between online and offline.

In a nutshell, Instagram has become one of the most popular channels for social media marketers, affiliate marketers, and online business owners. Through Instagram business accounts, corporates and individuals can raise awareness towards their brands and make it easier to shop. In other words, they can increase the odds in today’s highly competitive market. Yet, they can manage their reputation and bridge communication gaps smartly and cost efficiently via how-to articles, guides, stories, educational videos, reives, testimonials.. on their digital transformation and sustainability journey.


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