3 cool image search engines to search images by content

Searching for images online is trickier than searching textual content, simply because it’s difficult to describe an image. To make it easier for both users and search engines to classify images, webmasters are often advised to use attributes like "ALT" and "TITLE". Thankfully, today’s search engines have become sufficiently intelligent to make their own classifications based on form, color, shape etc. Let us look at some of the best image search engines that offers you more than simple keyword search.

Picitup offers you a whole range of filters to narrow down your search results. Picitup allows you to search images across 3 different categories based on image content – faces, products and landscapes. It can also recognize color and you can set a color preference by choosing among 18 different color palettes. Picitup also has a shape filter with 8 different shapes to choose from – not very helpful, but at least something to start with. You can also choose between various layouts like portrait, landscape,
panoramic and square.


Results for "Stephen King". You can see a book appearing in the results for a face search. Exalead (read below) didn’t make any errors though.

Exalead is a search engine best known for it’s face search. It can search faces and filter the results based on color/grayscale, size and orientation. With the face option turned off, it brings other relevant results.

Face Search is another search engine dedicated to face search and powered by Google search. It provides too few options to my liking but anyway, it brings good results.

Finally, who can leave out Google in a discussion of search engines?  Google’s image search does not provide too many filters and the recently introduced face search and photo content filters is a little disappointing. In my search for "Stephen King" with face search selected brought only 2 results – none of them are faces. You will get better results with face option turned off, the saving factor being the shear size of it’s database.

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Thanks Search Engine Journal.

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