Extend Windows context menu with Context Magic

Software that enhances Windows context menu were covered earlier here on Instant Fundas – Shell Tools, SwitchWindow and OpenExpert just to name a few. Here is another one of those tools – Context Magic.

Context Magic is a freeware shell extension tool that introduces a number helpful actions to the context menu. Once installed, a new entry called Context Magic will appear in your context menu which opens a number of sub menus to perform various actions. The most useful ones are the copy and move tools that enable you to copy/send the selected files directly to the My Documents, My Pictures and My Music folders and in fact, any folders that you choose. This greatly extends the functionality of the standard Send To menu which only has a limited set of “send-to” locations. You can also email files to any of your contacts from Context Magic’s menu.


Other additions to the context includes a shortcut creation tool that can place shortcuts not only on the desktop, like the standard Create Shortcut action, but also in your Favorites folder (IE bookmarks) and the Start Menu. There is another option the “Open the selected file with” but it turns out to be a dud because it always shows the same set of programs no matter which type of file you want to open. It’s totally useless. Another disappointment is the inability to customize the menu entries, but that’s probably because it’s a beta edition. I hope they enable it in future releases.

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