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Automatically organize files into dated folders

I like applications that helps me to keep my files and folders organized. Previously we covered two such applications  - Belvedere Automated File Manager and Download Mover. Here is another one.

File/Folder Date Organizer, an application coded by a Donation Coder member, is a brilliant tool that helps you reorganize the contents of a folder according to the date of creation of the files within that folder. This little tool scans the selected folder and moves everything inside it into dated folders keeping the relative path intact. The files are organized by month.

For example, say you have the following files and folders on your hard disk.

C:\My files\report1.doc  (created on Dec 2008)
C:\My files\report2.doc  (created on Dec 2008)
C:\My files\setup.exe  (created on Jan 2009)
C:\My files\Project reports  (created on Feb 2009)

When you run this application with “C:\My files” as the selected folder, the files will get organized into this:

C:\My files\2008-12\report1.doc
C:\My files\2008-12\report2.doc 
C:\My files\2009-01\setup.exe 
C:\My files\2009-02\Project reports

That’s an incredibly useful way to organize your stuff, if you have hundreds of files and folders sitting in that folder. Sometimes you remember when you created a file but can’t find it among the junk. Then you can just run this tool and locate where the file is.

A great feature of this tool is that it allows you to view how the files will get organized, before you actually do it. If you don’t like it, simply cancel it and nothing will be moved. This feature is enabled by default. In order to actually move the files, you have to uncheck the See File Actions box. The application also maintains a log file so that you can keep track where files were moved.


When files and folders are moved, they are all kept in the exact path structure as they were in the parent folder. The application ideally works with folders that only have one level of subfolders within itself. If you use this in folders that have multiple layers of nested folders, the files/folders being moved to a dated folder will all be grouped by the very latest file within that entire tree. So this might not work well for sorting folders containing multiple levels of folders.

Direct Download File/Folder Date Organizer (380 KB)


  1. I don't know, but I am content with Sorting and Grouping by date.

  2. It is helpful but at some point of time, you need files (which are critical) in another folder and rest of them in one. Yes, we can do that by rearranging the files.

  3. Would be even better if it included the day in the foldername too. Like \2009-12-31 instead of \2009-12\31 because when importing some programs stick all the folders with \31 together.

  4. This is perfect... If there was option to customize folder names then it would be even greater. But as it is, its a great piece of software... Thanks!

  5. it crashes when i try to sort 10k's of pictures :(


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