Deskcretary organizes the clutter on your desktop

I know people who always keep their desktops cluttered with dozens and hundreds of files and folders. Every file they download and every file they are working on goes right to the desktop, to the point that their desktops begin to resemble something like this or worse:


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There are two ways to clean this mess – the boring way i.e. doing it manually or the easy way i.e. using an automated cleaning system like the previously mentioned Download Mover, Belvedere or Deskcretary.

The cleverly named Deskcretary, is a free desktop cleanup application that keeps your desktop clean, organized and archived without you having to bother about these tasks. Just dump everything you’ve got into the desktop, like the way you always have been doing, schedule the application to perform cleanup and forget it.


Unlike Download Mover or Belvedere, Deskcretary does not move your files away from the desktop to other location. You like to keep your files on the desktop, fine, keep it! Deskcretary will just archive those files, move them to another folder on the desktop and keep it organized by date and file type. So your file still remains on the desktop but neatly packed in appropriate folders. You can view the files directly by browsing the folders, but a better way to do it is by using Deskcretary’s built in file Explorer.

Deskcretary’s file explorer allows you to view your files by date or file type and quickly search for it using a search tool.

If you need to move back a few files to their original location on the desktop, you can do that too by simply using the Restore button.

Deskcretary can be configured to run archives automatically at a scheduled date and time or you can run it manually whenever you need it. The program also lets you control the archiving process and what type of files you want to archive and what to exclude.

While other clean up tools can be configured to clean up your entire hard disk, Deskcretary can clean only your desktop, but then it offers features you won’t find in others. Overall, this is best secretary you can get for your desktop!

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