Add custom locations to Windows Open/Save dialog box with Melloware PlacesBar Editor

How many of you actually use the buttons on the left hand pane of Windows Open and Save dialog boxes, also called the Places bar? Do you remember those buttons? Open the dialog box now and look. It has 5 buttons for 5 different locations to save or open your files – Recent files, Desktop, My documents, My Computer and My Network places. But except ‘My documents’ and ‘Desktop’, the rest are hardly of any use.


The good news is, you can customize the Places bar using a software called Melloware PlacesBar Editor. (I use another software called FlashFolder to add my own folders and drives to open/save boxes). With PlacesBar Editor you can easily customize the standard Windows Open/Save dialog box and replace the existing shortcuts with your most frequently used folders to the Places bar. This enables you to access your folders in just one click, instead of having to browse the whole hard disk every time you want to open or save a file. It’s easier, faster and more productive.


PlacesBar Editor also lets you customize the open/save dialog box of MS Office which is different from the standard Windows open/save dialog box, and allows you to add 5 more custom locations apart from the 5 default ones.

Whenever you want, you can revert back to the default locations.

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