Broken Picture Telephone, a hilarious online game

Remember the game Telephone? You whisper something to the nearest kid who in turn pass it around to his next and by the time the message gets to the last kid, it’s a completely different version of the original message. Broken Picture Telephone is the web version of this game that will leave you laughing till your stomach hurts.

Broken Picture Telephone has a slight variation from the original game. Instead of whispering messages the game passes the message around using pictures and words, and altering between the two. In this game you either get a message which you have to draw it using rudimentary drawing tools, or get a drawing done by a previous player which you have to describe in limited words. The message gets weirder and weirder as players struggle to get it into a drawing and when the next player misinterprets a bad drawing for something else. It’s hilarious, insanely funny and addicting. I spent more than an hour playing it and when the completed stories arrived I couldn’t stop laughing.

For instance, in one game I got this message


I drew this


Later it turned out that the game had originally begun with the message “Coffee, tea or me?”. Somewhere along it morphed into a “muscle man who can’t decide between protein shake or drugs”. By the time I got into the game, it had turned into a “blue giant is really happy when he finds treasure”. Towards the end of the game, the blue giant had evolved into a “blue octopus celebrating his 2nd birthday”. You can catch the entire game here. Almost all completed game, which you can browse from their archive, is pretty funny.

Another game I played. Oh the horrors!


[via Downloadsquad]

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    You just made my day. xD

  2. ilona12 Reply

    Not better but good enough.

  3. Broken Picture Telephone Reply has some cool features like flood fill and image detection.

  4. Anonymous Reply is something like this, too.

  5. John Reply

    I wish the original site would come back. Nothing else is quite as good.

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