RunPee tells you when you should take a bathroom run during a movie, and what you missed

Watching movies at home on a rented DVD or on the TV has one advantage: you get ample time during commercial breaks to take a leak without missing a scene. But things aren’t so comfortable when you are at a theatre. With pressure building up inside your bladder and 45 minutes left for the movie to end, you are forced to make a difficult choice – resist the urge and attempt to concentrate on the movie or run for the bathroom and risk missing an important scene.


RunPee is a new website that tries to help people in such a dilemma. Every movie has a few scenes that aren’t crucial to the plot, scenes you can afford to miss without compromising your movie experience. RunPee tells you when those scenes occur and how much time you get to relieve your bladder.

Currently RunPee offers this valuable information on only a few selected movies. When you choose a movie from the list, you will get a timeline of the movie with “RunPee” moments or restroom breaks marked along the timeline. Clicking on a “RunPee” will show you the exact time when it occurs with a brief description of the scene immediately preceding the “RunPee”. It then tells you how much time you’ve got to make a run to the nearest restroom followed by a description of the scene that takes place while you were away. The second description is obfuscated by default so as not to reveal the scene unless you really want to, even through they aren’t really spoilers. Clicking on “unscramble” will make it readable.


Some RunPee’s are interesting. For example the RunPee for Hannah Montana the Movie offers some sane advice: “Go home right after the previews and pee for as long as you please in the comfort of your own home. You wont miss anything.”

Users are able to add new movies to the collection and create RunPees for the benefit of other movie goers. This is really essential for this website to be of any real help – constantly updating with new releases. I’m sure some of you will do it.

This site is awesome and I love it’s logo (watch the animation in the logo). And while we were discussing about peeing, maybe you should checkout this too – where to pee?

[via Reddit]

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    simple solution: don't buy massive drinks at the cinema

  2. Anonymous Reply

    lol… i have to agree with the last guy…

  3. RunPeeCreator Reply

    Thanks for the review of Nicely done. Hope it helps you and your readers out. I personally would love to use it myself but unfortunately I do most of PeeTime harvesting myself. 🙁

    Two little notes: Going forward every movie that is in wide release will be added and have PeeTimes. Like right now 500 Days of Summer is out in limited release. I'll have to wait until July 31st to see it here in Florida.

    Second, we got an iPhone app now that you can use to check your PeeTimes right before a movie begins. Please, please, don't use it during a movie and bother others around you. We are adding an update to the timer that will make it vibrate as it nears a PeeTime. You should be all set. Blackberry, Android and other mobile platforms will be covered soon.

  4. Rob Reply

    Don't drink at, or prior to the film. If you can't make it 1-2 hours without a bathroom, you might want to talk to a doctor.

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