5 short links for today #10

1. Fun things to do with a webcam: A webcam can be put to plenty of better uses, after all it’s a low grade digital camera. Use it for simple photography, make an infra red camera, motion detector or computer controlled laser pointer. A lot of projects for hobbyist and home inventors. Also checkout the video surveillance setup, the laser scanner and HeadMouse.

2. 2D Driving Simulator on Google Maps: Ride a car, bus or a truck around various cities on Google Maps. It’s simple 2D and controlling is done with keyboard arrow keys. It’s totally useless and boring and doesn’t detect obstacles on the map – you can drive over other vehicles, roof tops and lakes. Requires Flash. Also see Ships.

3. How to Pick The Fastest Torrents: A small tip from TorrentFreak. The trick is to pick the torrent where the seeders-to-leechers ratio is the highest. The torrent that has a higher percentage of seeders is faster than the one with a lower seeder percentage. For example, a torrent with 30 seeders and 70 leechers (30% seeders) will generally be faster than one with 500 seeders and 2500 leechers (20% seeders).

4. 25 Great Calvin and Hobbes Strips: One of my favorite cartoon strips.

5. Animated Engines: Web based schematic animation showing how different engines work. The engines are grouped under three categories – Internal combustion engines, Steam engines and Stirling engines with several types of engines available under each category. Very educational.

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