Paintribbon – Windows 7 Paint lookalike for Windows XP and Vista

If you have used the beta and RC releases of Windows 7, you must have seen that the Ribbon interface is everywhere. Originally introduced in Office 2007, the ribbon is now integrated with Wordpad, Notepad and Paint. We have already seen programs that mimics Word 2009 and Notepad 2008’s ribbon interface for Windows XP. This time it’s the turn of Windows 7 Paint.


The application called Paintribbon offers the following basic drawing capabilities

-Line, Circle, Square and Star shapes
-Different line widths
-A variety of fill and stroke color options
-The ability to move drawn shapes

Currently Paintribbon can only open and save .pic (pict) image files, however additional file types will be supported in later releases. All buttons present in the original ribbon in Windows 7 Paint are found in Paintribbon so as to replicate the interface, however some of them are dummy. It’s expected that all buttons will become workable in later releases of Paintribbon.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    this is great!


  2. Anonymous Reply

    I downloaded this paint so i could use all the cool new brush strokes ans i dont get them with it.. sadness

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