New portable Auslogics Task Manager

We have reviewed a healthy number of task managers in the past including a top-5 list. Now there is another one to add to the lot.

Renowned software publisher Auslogics has released a new free and portable task manager intended to be used as an alternative to the default, basic task manager in Windows. Auslogics Task Manager has a very clean interface compared to other task manager software. Most developers try to cram so many information into their task managers in an effort to make their software useful, that they lose out on usability. It must be mentioned here that MKN TaskExplorer too has a very tidy interface.


Auslogics Task Manager provides information about running applications, processes and services in three different views. It also shows all files that are currently open and in use which is very helpful in gauging what’s happening under the hood. Auslogics Task Manager also has the ability to show the full path of all running processes, but that option is disabled by default.

You can right click on any running processes or application and set priority, kill it, set CPU affinity, freeze it or retrieve information about it from

Apart from that the task manager has real time graphical displays of CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk activity and Internet traffic. The tools menu provides quick access to other utilities like Services, Computer Management, Control Panel etc.

If you want to switch the default task manager with the more powerful Auslogics Task Manager, it’s easy to do it by checking that option under the Tools menu.

[via Downloadsquad]

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