Friday, August 21, 2009

PyRoom – Distraction free writing for Linux


We have a seen a couple of distraction free Word processor for Windows like Darkroom, FocusWriter and Writespace. For Linux users there is one called Pyroom.

Pyroom is a full-screen minimalist text editor without buttons, widgets, formatting options, menus and with only the minimum required dialog windows. The idea is to remove anything from the screen that might distract the writer thereby allowing him or her to focus only on the writing and nothing else.


Pyroom is written in Python, and requires the python-gtk2 packages to run. It’s available for download as a tarball. To run Pyroom, you need to simply launch the script.


  • Full screen multi-document text editor
  • Supports a handful of essential keyboard shortcuts.
  • The default background color is black but it can be changed.
  • It has the ability to edit multiple buffers at once (e.g. outline, notes, your actual work etc)


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