Quitter, a Twitter client disguised as Windows Command Prompt

Remember SpreadTweet, the Twitter client that looks like you are using an Microsoft Excel sheet? Isn’t that great to use Twitter at work on the sly? Quitter is another such Twitter client made for working people and particularly those who often use the Windows Command Prompt at work (network admins?).

Well, Quitter looks exactly like the Command Prompt. It’s a single executable file (105KB) that requires no installation and stores its settings in a small XML file. For navigating around the application you use the arrow keys, just like the real Command Prompt, and the program makes use of keys like Enter and Escape as well to execute functions.


With Quitter, you can

  • Read, post, reply and retweet.
  • Organize the people you follow into groups and read tweets by group.
  • Filter (or highlight) tweets from specific users or that contain certain #hashtags.
  • Use URL shorteners like TinyUrl.com for tweeting URLs.
  • Easily open tweeted links from other users in your default browser (no copy/paste needed)
  • Send and receive direct messages
  • Follow or unfollow other users

Quitter runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista and requires Microsoft .NET Version 2.0. It’s free and open sourced.

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