How to use twitter at work and not get caught

If you are one of those helplessly addicted Twitter fans, who would rather risk getting fired than not tweet their every moves, here is one application that will help you bluff your way at work.

Spreadtweet is an Adobe AIR application that disguises Twitter as spreadsheets. Currently, there are 3 different skins – Office OSX, Office 2003 (Windows), and Office 2007 (Windows).




It looks like the real thing! Of course it does, because the toolbars and borders are just images of the actual Microsoft Office interface. The buttons cannot be clicked, not even the close/minimize/maximize buttons work. The application cannot be resized too because of the same reason. And the only way to close the application is to right click on the taskbar and click Close or simply Alt+F4.

Using Spreadtweet you can post new tweets and check messages and replies. Clicking links opens it in the default browser.

In case you don’t want to install the application, there is also a web-based version in the Office OSX skin.

You can also checkout Quitter, a Twitter client disguised as Windows Command Prompt, GhostZilla, the browser that cleverly hides inside any application window. And there are always boss keys.

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