5 short links for today #14

1. Goollery: A fun collection of projects related to Google build by various people. Really nice collection but not entirely complete. I couldn’t find some of the cool projects I covered in the past like Ships and Moon Lander.

cchronicles 2. CChronicles: Watch videos of computer experts of the 1980s in weird hairstyles talk about revolutionary technologies like computers, Internet, operating systems and such. It’s awesome how technology has evolved in such a short span. There are more than 70 videos at the time of writing this.

3. Ta-da List: Easy to use, sharable, web based to-do lists. I like the name.

4. Freezly: This site tells you what’s free on the Internet right now by searching Twitter for links to giveaways and offers. It’s a lot like Tweetmeme.

5. How many people are in space right now? If you ever need to answer this question, you go to this place. They also got an RSS feed.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Suddenly I feel old. Very, very old. The CChronicles vids ought to come with a warning: "If you're old enough to remember these episodes, don't watch without a bottle of Zoloft". Or maybe Jack Daniels. Yeah, I'm likin' the Jack Daniels

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