Nimi Visuals 10.2 released with more new visual effects and features

Remember Nimi Visuals? We covered this neat little Windows visual effects and customization tool some time back when version 10.1 was released. The last edition of the program came with hundreds of nifty tricks and effects from transparent borders, jelly windows, snow effects, taskbar blurring and so on. If you thought those were enough, checkout the newly released version 10.2 which comes with even more bells and whistles as well as numerous new features and improvements.

In addition to all previous effects, the following new effects can be seen in version 10.2.

  • Window shifting – When a window is selected, the last window is shifted below the active window.
  • Minimize non-active windows – Instantly minimizes non-active windows.
  • RightLeft slider – Maximizes window to half screen size on Win+F4 or Win+F5 key press, similar to AeroSnap.
  • Taskbar fade – Fade in taskbar when mouse is over it, fades in or out start menu
  • Maximum spacer – Maximizes window to fullscreen on Win+F7 key press.
  • Gravity – Make non-active window fall to bottom of the screen
  • No titlebar icons – Removes window icon from its titlebar
  • Window thumbnail in icon – Replaces window icon with updated thumbnail image
  • Toss – Switch windows by tossing them in book-alike mode. An alternative to Windows task switching.
  • Sharpen wallpaper – Makes edges of wallpaper sharp
  • Neon edge wallpaper – Make wallpaper look like being made from neon lights


Many previously seen effects like Fluid wallpaper, Titlebar Sparkle, Jelly Windows, Aurora fade and more, were enhanced with new colors and smoother performance.

Nimi Visuals 10.2 runs on a new component architecture that offers better system integration. Many effects like jelly windows, edge warp/snap or maximize, showcase, toss, taskbar blur etc can now be accelerated by the GPU if present. In previous releases of Nimi Visuals, all graphics were entirely software based.

The new Nimi Visuals can also analyse almost any given web address for repositories capable media like wallpapers, system themes or 3rd part software, and automatically add it to available packages list. Moreover, it automatically adapt to ZIP archive content if provided.

A new wallpaper management feature allows users to set how often wallpaper will be generated with chosen effects and set up picture folder directory.

Moreover, the program now automatically detects your language and translates it’s interface to the local language. Even when performing quick search, the program translates your search keywords on the fly matching them with the package description.

As usual, the program itself is little more than 1 MB. The memory footprint when in use can however be several tens of megabytes depending on how many effects are turned on.

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  1. Sami Reply

    Great review! It was a real pleasure to read it. Moreover, that bells and whistles idiom – You definitely made my day with it.

    I hope You don't mind that I've linked back from Nimi blog.

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