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Probably one of the biggest Internet annoyances is the multiple-page article phenomenon. Often when an article is too long it’s broken down into several pages to avoid stretching the page to absurd lengths. It’s understandable when the article is really long, but more often than not, web publishers do it to simply increase page views which translates into higher advertising revenues.

Firefox users already have a solution, the Repagination addon. While non-Firefox users can enjoy PageZipper.

PageZipper is a JavaScript bookmarklet that can take lengthy multi-page articles and combine it into a single scrollable page. All you have to do is drag this bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar, or simple bookmark the bookmarklet. Now whenever you encounter a multi-page article just click on this bookmarklet, and it will automatically retrieve the next page and append it to the end of the page. As you keep scrolling the page, additional pages automatically get added to it.


You also get two small forward/backward buttons on the top-right of the page that lets you quickly jump to the desired page. The script however doesn’t work on sites which load the next page using JavaScript instead of a normal link. Also if the “Next page” link is too cryptic, PageZipper might fail to function correctly.

PageZipper is available as a Firefox addon too.

Quick Tip: If you come across such an article which is spawned across multiple pages, look for a “Print this page” link. Some websites have those. Click on this link and you will be able to read the whole article on a single page. The printed version of the article will also be stripped off unnecessary sidebars, advertisements and other distractions. No need for addons or PageZipper.

[via Appscout]

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