Decreased Productivity – Stealth browsing in Firefox

Looking for ways to bluff at work and secretly browse the web? You are lucky you came here. We have extensive guides to help employees goof off at work. And here is another addition.

Decreased Productivity is an addon for Firefox that sanitizes the appearance of web pages allowing you to discretely and efficiently navigate the web without anyone noticing.

Decreased Productivity adds two buttons to Firefox’s status bar. One button allows you to switch to “work-safe” mode for the currently viewing page, and the second button turns “work-safe” mode ON for all opened Firefox windows.

Instant Fundas as it appears with work-safe mode ON

Clicking on these buttons applies a style sheet that removes all color and visual styling from the page. The text is turned black on a white background, images are faded making them almost almost invisible and only moderately visible on mouse over. It hides all flash, java or other embedded applets.

Decreased Productivity brings features to Firefox similar to the ones you find in Ghostzilla, although the latter is better at stealth.


Decreased Productivity also helps those who frequently post comments on blogs or in forums by providing a context menu and hot keys to common markup languages like HTML, BBCode, Markdown etc.

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