GB-PVR – Media Center and Personal Video Recorder

GB-PVR, as the name says, is a PVR (personal video recorder) and media center application for Windows, whose main function is scheduling TV recordings, pausing and playing back live TV. GB-PVR also functions as a media center, something which we reviewed quite often in the past (XBMC, Media Portal, Moovida, Boxee). It has a digital video recorder, an online radio station tuner, a music and movie player, an image viewer and the like.

GB-PVR supports a wide range of analog and digital TV tuner cards from popular brands like Hauppauge, Adaptec, ATI, Conexant, Pinnacle and more. It also supports most IR remote control devices. GB-PVR can playback and record many video formats like MPEG, AVI, DivX, Xvid etc. Other file formats can be played if the required codecs are installed on the computer. For instance, H.264 encoded videos, and MP4 files can be played only with third party codecs installed.

gbpvr1 gbpvr2

Any decent media center/PVR application supports plug-ins, and GB-PVR is no different. GB-PVR’s plug-in library incorporates a wide range of features into the application such as DVD creation capabilities, display of information on local cinema timings, movie manager, TV listing, weather manager, torrent client etc.

Key Features:

  • Support multiple TV tuner cards
  • Supports ATSC tuner enabling reception of over-the-air digital TV channels
  • Electronic TV guide
  • Automatically skips commercials
  • Schedule TV recording
  • Record multiple TV channels simultaneously with one tuner
  • Personalized Intelligent Recording and Scheduling feature enables GB-PVR to record programs based on past viewing habits and interests
  • Skinnable interface
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