ImageSorter – Visually sort images by color, name, size, date and more

ImageSorter is a desktop image browsing application, which provides a way to automatically sort images on your hard disk by color, date taken, name, or size. The idea of ImageSorter is to help you find images on your computer of which you remember how they look but you forgot in which folder they were stored. If one or several folders are selected, all images from these folders will be visually sorted by color allowing you to quickly locate your image.


ImageSorter displays the image contents of one or more folders in a matrix and the user can zoom in and out of it smoothly using the mouse scroll wheel. When zooming into the grid a small map appears at the bottom to indicate which part of the picture matrix you are zooming into. The software’s color sorting is indeed a very useful tool when you are looking for a particular color of image.

ImageSorter also has a search functionality which is unfortunately pretty much broken. The search feature was supposed to have made it possible to search images on your hard disk by filename, type, size, color and orientation. But it doesn’t work. The Flickr and Yahoo search however works, although the results are poor and often out of context. You will be better off using a browser based image search engine or other desktop based tools like GiniPic.

The image sorting feature of ImageSorter is still admirable, and is reason enough for you to give this software a try.

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