MediaRenamer – Rename downloaded/recorded TV series and movie files

MediaRenamer is a free software intended for easy renaming of movie and TV series files recorded from TV, but also works for movies and TV episodes downloaded from the Internet or movies ripped from DVDs etc. MediaRenamer helps you get rid of unwanted texts from movie filenames automatically, and rename it using cleaner and better filename schemes.


The software scans the directories where you have movies or TV shows files saved and list the contents. It then tries to identify the movies/TV episodes from the filenames using online resources like and Once it has correctly detected the movies and episodes it offers you to rename the files with better filename schemes like <movie name>-<year> or <series>-<season>-<episodes> etc. The file naming schemes can be customized by the user.


If MediaRenamer cannot identify a movie because the filename was incorrect or there are more than one movie of the same name, it offers you an option to select the correct name from a list.

MediaRenamer also features a DropTraget – a floating window on the desktop where you can drop media files to automatically rename the file and move it to the movies folder or appropriate season folder of the series.


  • Scan movie/TV show folders
  • Detect movie names and TV show names automatically
  • Automatically detect correct season folders for TV shows
  • Create new season folders based on users naming scheme
  • Move movies to pre-selected movie folder
  • Download information for movies/shows from internet sources
  • Supports,, and
  • DropTarget for fast rename/move/copy of files

For bulk renaming of general files try Flexible Renamer

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