Printable, foldable paper toys from Toy-A-Day

Can’t afford gifts for kids this Christmas? This is what you should do: give them paper toys. Tell your kids that they can print, fold and glue them together to create any number of toys they want. Your kids will have a great time making toys all throughout the holidays and you won’t even feel the pinch.

Paper Toys are an inexpensive way of keeping children both happy and busy. We brought some really good Do-At-Home paper toys in the past – the Canon Creative Park is quite a resource and the printable, paper pin hole cameras are real cameras you can make at home and take photos!


Toy-A-Day is another site where you will find a huge collection of simple toys that can be printed and built at home. All you need to do is download the PDF file for each toy, print it on a sturdy paper such as cardboard, cut into shape, fold along the dotted lines and glue to keep it in shape. Some of my favorite toys are:

Superman/Clark Kent

superman_6 superman_7



Mr Natural


Mr. Incredible


Batman and Robin


There is even a blank template that you can use to paint your own characters on.

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    Thanks I guess???

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    i like the PRINTABLE ones

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