Double Feature – Simple open source movie organizer

Double Feature is an open source software for Windows that lets you organize and catalogue your movie collection. Double Feature is designed, as the description says, for “small and medium-sized collections.”

In the past we covered some very elaborate movie organizers having piles of features in them. Using some of those tools I realized that I would have to spend hours entering data to catalog my collection. Besides, I didn’t need such information like reviews and cast. I’ve already watched those movies, thank you. And I can search for my favorite directors on IMDB or similar sites from my browser.


Double Feature provides me with a simpler solution. It sports a clean and simple interface with just the right set of features – not a button too more, nor one too less. To add a movie simply locate the video file on your hard disk and based on the filename, the program will automatically retrieve information about the movie such as name of the director, title, year of release etc including the poster from the Internet. It had trouble recognizing some of the movies I had. Although I was able to enter the details manually, it couldn’t retrieve the movie poster.

You can assign genres to the movies and ratings. The genres will have to be created from the program’s Options window. Once you have added all your movies, the program window will look something like this.


Double Feature allows organizing your collection into lists by simply dragging the film to the list. There is a tool called “Smartlist” using which you can automatically organize movies into smartlists based on criterias like name of the director, year of release, genre etc.

A search box lets you quickly find movies you’ve added by movie name. Double click on a movie to play it using VLC or MPlayer (those two are the only supported movie players.)

Everything is fine with Double Feature except that it momentarily freezes every time you add a movie.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    All this movie organizers are ugly. I would pay to have an interface like spotify…

  2. Anonymous Reply

    This is something I was looking for. It has a few problems but it seems promising, and considering that it was released a few days ago, I'll wait for the upcoming versions.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    I've tried many movie organizing tools and stoped my choice on Movienizer, it's the best for me so far. functional and easy to use

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Yep movienizer rocked… but not for 40 dollars per main version

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