FreewareUpdater – 200+ freeware applications under one roof

FreewareUpdater is a marvelous software management tool that helps you keep track and install some of the most popular freeware and open source applications.

FreewareUpdater by itself is a small tool and does not include the installation packages of these freeware. It only provides you an interactive list of applications, which you can install with just a click. You can also read descriptions of each program and access it’s official website from within FreewareUpdater. At the time of writing this, Freewareupdater contains 203 freeware programs across multiple categories.


Freewareupdater presents available software in the form of a list showing the description of each software. To install any of the presented software just double click on it. Freewareupdater will then download the current version of the software from the internet and install it on your computer. The software list is regularly updated on their server. To update and sync this list with the one on the desktop client, you just need to click on the update button. The Freewareupdater also keeps track of the applications that are already installed on your system, so you can see at a glance, which software is already installed on your computer. It can also notify you when updates of your favorite freeware is available.

FreewareUpdater is immensely handy. Need a video editing software? Open FreewareUpdater and see what free solutions are available. Need a backup utility? FreewareUpdater offers you 6 choices. Audio players, video converters, file archiever …  this is a gold mine!

You can also give Ninite a try. It lets you download and install multiple software at once. Other related tools are the previously reviewed UpdateStar and Ketarin.

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