LightShot – Capture screenshot and upload online

LightShot is screen capture tool for Windows that works very much like the Snipping tool in Windows Vista and 7, with the added advantage of automatically uploading it online for sharing or editing.

LightShot replaces the default PrtScr key of the keyboard to launch the shooting tool. This is similar to the Snipping tool of Windows as already mentioned. Click and drag the mouse cursor to select the region you want to take a screenshot of. The dimension of the selected region is displayed at the top of the selection, which is very helpful for bloggers who require screenshots to be within a specific dimension. This reminds me of Greenshot, which had this same feature.


Once the region is selected an array of buttons appear at the bottom which gives access to various options like copy to keyboard, save as an image file to hard disk, upload to Imageshacks and edit online on Pixlr.

LightShot also supports a handful of shortcuts. The best thing is the program uses the same default shortcut Windows uses for such operation like Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+S to save and so on.

LightShot is very basic and I don’t suppose it can be compared with other screen capture programs with inbuilt image editors and all kinds of advanced screen capturing options. It does support online image editing, but I prefer a desktop image editor. But LightShot is a very good replacement for the Snipping Tool – works exactly the same along with a bunch of added features.

Update: The software does some sneaky things to your computer that you might not like. Details here

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  1. alexsupra Reply

    its very cunning software program.
    it has installer that cant be unpacked by the latest versions of 7zip and some other uncompressors including special ones.
    during installation it asks many various questions but not installation path. and it doesnt ask about new system startup item but adds it:
    "%userprofile%local settingsApplication DataSkillbrainslightshotLightShot.exe Flags: uninsdeletevalue"
    by the way it puts one more LightShot.exe file in program subdirectory that has different size.

    very well, it consumes about 3mb memory and its kind feature. but i cant remove this actually useless system tray icon! no option… maybe these are special startup flags to disable it, arent they?

    i was suprized that actually i installed two programs! not one but two, i mean not web application but this one
    this Updater has the similar program folder structure and one more Updater.exe file in subdirectory… and one more executable here! i'm not joking, seriously – Notifier.exe 🙁

    SkillBrains LightShot uninstaller doesnt remove some skill bones, they are in %programfiles% – two updaters and notifier.

    also it uses internet connection to work with one web application… and several hidden ones?

    fast and smart alternative:

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    You are right. I too noticed an updater trying to access the Internet but my firewall caught it.

  3. Andrej Reply

    Hey everyone,
    I am Andrej from, let me clarify some things about our auto update feature.
    Our software packages are goes with our updater module. Updater will be installed separately and only in one instance for all our products installed. For instance:
    – You are installing LightShotIE as first product
    – Installer will looks for updater module installed and install it.
    – Next you are installing LightShot Desktop, it looks for updater module and registering in.
    So you will have two products and one updater. Updater will be removed from your system with last product. And you can also remove it manually.
    What if you don’t want your software to be updated? That’s simple you should open your windows “Programs and Features” wizard ( either via “Control Panel” or running “appwiz.cpl” from command line. Look for “updater-” there and uninstall it. That’s all. You are clean from now.
    But please consider that auto updating is great way to keep your software fresh. We are rapidly adding new features our users asks as for and pushing them to users via update system.
    Our updater is running via Windows Scheduler and do not consume process time or system memory all the time like other such systems, so it will not make your box even a bit slower.
    As we can see these concerns from our users we will cover the updater topic with a post in our blog soon. I will post directly link to post here after publishing.
    Please visit our blog and facebook

  4. Andrej Reply

    Hi, here the post is

    please tell us how we can make our software betrer for you in comments.

  5. Lori Reply

    I installed this for Google Chrome. During install, it says it can access information and history. I didn't think much of it, but then someone tried to charge over $1000 to my credit card. I panicked and right clicked the icon and "disabled" it. Now I am unable to access it again. When I try to click "install" nothing happens. Should I be worried that this program allowed someone to access my info? And how can I re-enable it?

  6. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Lori, I think both incidents are unrelated. I'm not sure how a Chrome extension can steal your credit card info.

    Anyway, you should first approach your CC company and alert them of a possible misuse.

  7. rotterdarned Reply

    Hi Lori:) There are so many programs the typical PC user has on their system – many of them vulnerable to malware, many of them requiring code updates – that it might take an IT professional or an expert hobbiest to locate your culprit. From the info you provide and in fairness, there's nothing that ties the LightShot program directly to the person who tried to steal your money. I'm familiar with the program and there are some bugs the others have mentioned, but nothing that could hack money from your bank account. My suggestion – after locating where the problem(s) actually are via ProcMon(or as Andrej details above), then remove it via Windows Uninstall in Programs & Features and finally clean up any bits remaining in its hard drive entry(s) via CC if you feel comfortable using CC. I would not use CC's Registry Cleaner unless you are an expert user, as it can do more harm than good. In future, please bear in mind that Chrome and Firefox do not "vet" 3rd party add-on's yet. Firefox will start to do so soon; we're workng on this in the Alpha verion of FF 11.0+ — Alpha is pre-Beta and it's strictly for programmers / developers but its blog can tell general users the shape of things to come – FF calls their's "Aurora" to sign up for the blog. Google has indicated their intention to start such a pre-release testing of all 3rd party created add-on's / extensions, too. Please be extra-careful using Chrome – it's easily as complex as IE and uses a number of unusual methods to interact with your o/s; I'd suggest staying away from using 3rd party add-on's until Chrome has begun their pre-release quality control system. If you don't need a robust system for computer gaming and developing etc, you might want to consider buying one of Google's 10" to 14" notebooks (these Chromebooks made by Samsung and Acer are available from Amazon and run from $300 to $500 at the moment). Happy computing!

  8. John Reply

    Latest version of Screenshot downloaded and unable to install properly. Install aborted.
    AVG antivirus reports:
    File name: c:UsersJxxxLocalAppDataLocalskillbrainslightshot2.0.0,2Kightshot.exe
    Threat name:
    Trojan horse Backdoor.Hupigon5.CBRS
    Detected on open.

  9. Unknown Reply

    I've had Lightshot (Windows app) installed for some time, but received the same alert noted above, from AVG this morning. I allowed AVG to remove it, as I cannot take any chances…
    I have used Lightshot for a long time, and love the quick flexibility of the tool – I hope this issue is soon resolved!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Fantastic little program!
    Thank you Sergei!

  11. Anonymous Reply

    I have lightshot and there is not a uninstaller for your updater.
    I found the file updater.exe searching for another program in my Program files dir.
    and there is not none uninstaller for it, so I erased it manually because in control panel I didn't find a uninstaller neither

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Why do we get this:

    I wish this would get fixed


  13. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @QB: Try Traycleaner to remove the additional icons.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    There is no uninstaller for the updater…

  15. Anonymous Reply

    I like this program, but wish they would add the ability to change or add other hot key options as sometimes I want to use some other combo than the PRTSC button which I use with another software package.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Hey "anonymous" from 19.09.2014
      I'm not affiliated with lightshot just wanted to tell you this function is already present!
      I've set different hot-keys for different screen captures (crl+` is my hotkey for simple PRTSC as I don't even have this button – using an apple keyboard on a PC 🙂

  16. Anonymous Reply

    5 yerars, and you are still dropping updater.exe with original software? .. Why you do not add functionality in original software along with an option to check whether to auto-update or not.

    may be your update.exe is clean but it makes the practice suspicious.

    – Waqas

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