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Sleep Moon Xpress: Remote control your computer via Bluetooth, Sound and Mobile

Sleep Moon Xpress is a remote control application for Windows that lets you schedule a computer shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, standby, or launch files at specific times or send control signals to execute these commands via a Bluetooth equipped device, a WAP enabled phone, an Infrared remote control or a simple clap of the hands!


The main screen of Sleep Moon Xpress lets you choose the action you want to execute. This can be a computer shutdown/restart/log-off etc as already mentioned. It can also sound an alarm, display notification messages or run a file. Next you have to choose the trigger i.e. when the action will be executed. This can be time based – at a certain time on a certain day or it can be based on the download/upload speed. The later option is useful when you are downloading some files from the Internet and wish to shutdown the computer upon completion of the download, although many file downloaders and Torrent clients come equipped with this function. 

Sleep Moon Xpress can also execute an action based on the sound input level. To configure this option plug in a microphone to the computer’s sound hardware and normalize the background noise level using the ‘Sound Activation Console’. Also set the sound level above which the program will react. Any sound that exceeds this level like clapping of hands or shouting will trigger the program to execute the action chosen on the main screen.

The program also allows controlling of the PC with a Bluetooth device. To use this feature the user simply needs to send the computer an image file with a particular file name. For instance, sending an image file named shutdown.jpg (GIF, PNG, BMP files are also supported) will cause the computer to shutdown. Similarly, Restart.jpg, Alarm.jpg or Run.jpg will cause the computer to restart, sound an alarm or run a file respectively. The content of the image doesn’t matter, it’s only the filename.

Sleep Moon Xpress also uses the indigenous WTP Mobile Technology (or WAP To PC Mobile Technology) to enable any remote connection from any WAP Enable Mobile Phone or browser to the computer to execute an action on the receiving PC.

Sleep Moon Xpress is free for personal and commercial purposes and supports both 32bit and 64 bit flavors of all Windows editions from Windows 95 to Windows 7.

Other automation tools: TimeToGoAppi, Marxio Timer, WinAutomation


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