Upload Windows clipboard content to FTP server with Clupper

Clupper is a free tool that lets you upload the contents of Windows clipboard to one or more FTP servers with a single click. Additionally, Clupper can capture screenshots of the desktop, copy it the clipboard and upload the same to an FTP server. Clupper can upload anything that is copied to the clipboard – images, files, folders and even text.

Clupper is a Java Web Start based application – a kind of program that runs directly from the Internet. The program is downloaded every time you run it. Because of this Clupper always runs the latest version available, which is awesome. To run this program you will require the latest Java Runtime Environment, which I suppose is already installed on your machine.


Once Clupper is up and running a tray icon appears in your system tray. To take a screen shot right click on the tray icon and choose “Screenshot”. Immediately the screen is grabbed and the image is opened in a basic editor with simple tools like crop and marker. You can now save the image to the hard disk or upload it to a remote FTP server. You can add any number of FTP servers to Clupper; I was able to add 3, but I bet you can add more.

To upload files and folders simply copy it to the clipboard and give a single click to the tray icon. This will promptly upload the selected files to your FTP server and the URL to access the uploaded files are automatically copied back to the clipboard. The copied URL can then be pasted in an email or IM program for easy sharing. If you wish to edit the filename of the uploaded files, right-click on the tray icon and choose “Clup it (Advanced)” instead.


If you copy some text and click on the Clupper tray icon, the copied text is converted into an HTML page and uploaded to the server. This happens invisibly in the background.

Clupper also provides a handful of options to customize the default behavior of the program.


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