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ShadyURL turns URLs humorously suspicious

We have seen a bunch of clever and amusing implementation of short URL services in the past. First came the fad of elongating URLs just for the fun. HugeURL became hugely popular. Then a couple of other long URL generators came out in succession - Freaking Huge URL and ReallyHugeURL. Then a Reddit user came up with the brilliant idea of converting URLs into passages from the works of the 19th century novelist Charles Dickens. And so came DickensURL into existence.


ShadyURL is a newcomer to the party. This service turns even legitimate URLs into something that looks suspicious and extremely gross. It inserts words that appear to be malware names, hacking commands, profanity and porn. Whomever you send one of these links to is likely to say "there's no way I'm clicking on that," even though it's likely to lead to a safe site.

Here are some gems: became became became

[via Cnet]


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