Disk Space Fan – Coolest hard disk usage visualization

Disk Space Fan is a free hard disk space and file analysis tool that provides you an  overview of the contents of your disk partitions, enabling you to determine which folders and files are occupying the most disk space. Sounds familiar? Of course, there are quite a number of such software in the market. Recently we brought you one called DiskAnalyzer Pro, and previously another powerful one called Xinorbis.

What makes Disk Space Fan special is it’s fantastic visualization of disk space utilization. When you run the program it will display all partitions it finds on your hard drive. Select any partition and click on the Scan button. The software will analyze the contents of the partition and display a pretty and colorful circular chart.


Each colored section on the graph represents a folder. The size of each section is proportional to the amount of space the folder occupies on the disk. Clicking on any section lets you view the contents of that folder which are displayed in a similar fashion.

You can right click on any section on the chart and open that folder in Explorer, view properties or delete.


Disk Space Fan can also run scans on individual folders instead of partitions.

Disk Space Fan is a cool program, but I have one complain – if you click the Home button on the program to return back to the start screen, it makes the program forget the results of the scan you just performed. You’ll have to do it once again. I hope the developers fix this in the next release.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I think Overdisk is better, it looks a lot like this but I like the functionality better. It never made it out of beta –but works up through Win7…

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