Feedling embeds RSS feeds on the Windows desktop

Feedling is an interesting RSS feed reader for Windows that lets you read feeds from your favorite sites on the desktop, quite literally. Feedling extracts news items from one or more feeds and displays it on the desktop over a transparent background. The result of the effect is that the feeds look like as though they have been embedded on to the desktop wallpaper.


You can add any number of feeds to Feedling as long as there is room on the desktop to display it. You can drag and position them anywhere on the desktop. Clicking any item on the feed will open it in your default browser.

Feedling will display the first 10 items of the feed and there is no way to adjust that number. You can however customize everything else like choose the font type, size and color, the update interval and proxy settings if you happen to use one. There is also an option to retrieve password protected feeds.

Feedling can read a variety of different formats -RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, RDF and Atom. The program has a plugin-based architecture, so that people can write their own parsers, or just improve existing ones, although there isn’t much to start with.

Feedling is an open sourced WPF based application written on the .NET 3.5 framework. It has been tested on XP, Vista and 7 (both x86 and x64), and should work on 2000 too.

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