SuperbarMonitor for Windows 7 taskbar

SuperbarMonitor is a group of Windows resource utilization indicators that reside in the taskbar and indicates the resource usage of various components of the computer. Currently 5 different indicators are available – Memory, CPU, Disk, Volume and Battery. Each indicator is a separate application and has to be downloaded and run individually.


SuperbarMonitor integrates nicely with Windows 7 taskbar. All SuperbarMonitors are portable, meaning they require no installation and require .Net 3.5 Framework, which comes pre-installed with Windows 7, to run. The color of the indicator bars can be customized and so is the update interval. The indicator can be configured to display a simple icon, or percentage level. For the Battery meter there are additional options to display the current state of charge, as well as the remaining duration of the discharge rate in mW/h.

The website is in German but I trust you can figure out the download links.

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