5 short links for today #35

1. How to Install Android On An iPhone 2G: I hope you have already heard the biggest story of the week, the hacking of iPhone to install Android? Now here is a detailed guide on how to do it.

2. How to prolong lithium-based batteries: Know the facts behind your laptop and cell phone battery to help extend its life.

3. Braking and Turning your Bicycle: I bet you were taught not to use the front brakes. But did you know using the front brakes is the best way to stop a bike?

4. Instants collection: A large collection of funny soundboards.

5. Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is the quickest way to generate dummy images for web designing purpose on the fly. Simply specify the height, width and optionally color, image type and text to generate images to embed them on mock-ups and templates.

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