Manage and edit form entries in Firefox with Form History Control

Firefox like all browsers has the ability to remember form inputs by the user. Previously entered inputs are displayed in a drop down menu when you type into a form input box on a page. But how do you edit or delete those entries?

Form History Control is an extension that lets you do that. You can view and manage form history entries with full control over what is stored, what is cleaned up or not, and when to perform a cleanup. If you want to remove or correct misspelled entries or remove entries you wouldn’t want other users to see, this is the extension you would need.


Form History Control enables you to selectively delete privacy sensitive information without having to delete the entire history. A powerful advanced search option allows you to find information by name, value, timeframe or usage. The advanced search option comes with a list of predefined regular expressions which can be altered or extended to fit any need.

The extension adds a submenu to the tools menu giving you access to the form history control center. The control center is also accessible from the right-click context-menu presenting even more options for managing form history entries.


There is also an option to automate the removal of form history, such as entries that has not been used for some time or less than a certain number of times. You can also exclude certain form information so that they are never deleted during an automatic cleanup operation.

Form History Control also functions as an automatic web form filler allowing you to autofill all fields of a web form using either the most used or the last used form history data.

Furthermore you can export/import the form history data as well as the cleanup configuration, allowing you to exchange data between multiple Firefox configurations.

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