YoWindow – Beautiful weather reports on desktop or screensaver

YoWindow is a weather application that tells you the present weather, as well as the forecast of coming days, on any place around the globe. What makes YoWindow different from other weather programs is that it’s pretty to look at. (Oh! well, MyFreeWeather is equally pretty too, so I recommend you check that out). And YoWindow is also a weather screensaver.

You can run YoWindow as a desktop application wherein it sits on the system tray and displays the temperature in the tray. Hover the mouse over it to display additional weather information.


When you open the program it presents the weather visually over an artistic village landscape. If the day is shiny you will see the sun blazing through the clouds. If it’s raining you will see rain pouring down over the field and cottage. If it’s snow time you will see snow. Time and day times are reflected beautifully on the landscape, and so are seasons.





The location of the sun, moon, moon phase, sunrise and sunset times correspond to the actual values for the place you choose.

Wind is reflected by swaying grass and moving clouds. You can replace the landscape with your own custom background but you won’t see these animations.

YoWindow can display all kinds of data and figures on the screen – temperature, wind, pressure, humidity, wind direction, etc which can be configured by the user.

Of course, YoWindow require an active Internet connection to retrieve these various data.

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