Monday, May 3, 2010

Enhance, fix shaky home videos with vReveal [Must-have]


Home videos are generally unappealing. The under exposed, shaky, pixilated and out-of-focus videos of your kids blowing the birthday candles doesn’t do justice to the dollars you spent on your camcorder. So either you train up the amateur photographer in you or get this amazing piece of software I’m going to introduce today.

MotionDSP’s vReveal is a powerful and yet surprisingly easy to use video clean-up software I believe every camcorder/video-recorder owner ought to have. vReveal can bring out the details in your videos by removing pixilation, grain, sharpening videos and adjusting contrast and lightening. The killer feature however is video stabilization that can take even extremely jerky videos and convert them into a shake-free and eye-strain free output.

Watch this impressive demo.

vReveal features a dashboard with one-click fixes for common causes of poor quality video – brightness, contrast, white-balance, stabilize, de-interlace etc. Numerous filters like sepia, black and white, glow, etc are also available. The ‘Fine Tune’ tab provides more control on these fixes and filters by way of adjustable sliders.


The processed video can be saved in WMV, AVI (compressed and uncompressed) and DivX format. An optional compare feature enables you to save both the original and enhanced videos side by side in the same frame to illustrate the difference, like the one embedded above. You can also upload the videos directly to YouTube and Facebook.

In the free version of vReveal, you can import videos up to 1080p, but the output is limited to 480p. The free version also doesn’t leave any watermark, despite the website saying so (possibly the earlier versions did but this one doesn’t). The upgrade costs a reasonable $39 and you will be able to save videos in HD and also get a few additional fixes and filters.

vReveal is designed to make use of the GPU for faster processing. The support however is limited – only nVidia Geforce 8-series, 9-series, 200-series, 400-series. ATI cards are not supported.


  1. anything like this but for images?

  2. Yes, any capable image editing software. Example, Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET

  3. i was talking about a more automated image editor really

  4. Actually the filters on image editing software that sharpen images and apply various other effects are pretty much automated. Just choose a filter and use the sliders to adjust the intensity and apply.

  5. was thinking something more like lightbox image editor really

  6. OK. I'm going to review one soon. Keep watch.

  7. cool thank you :)

  8. Kinda missed the main point of Vreveal!
    It can (basicaly) upscan your videos to
    higher resolution.
    eg. I have taken 320x240 videos that look terrible full screen and upscaled them to
    640x480 and now look ok to fair @ fullscreen.
    Vreveal computes each frames higher detail by looking at forward (& back?) frames.

    The only thing available for still images that would be able to rebuild image data would possibly be a fractal image inhancer.

  9. Does anyone have a copy that they are willing to sell with the activation code?


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